Rikki Metsugi

“Kimura“ (dancer)

2017 R&D, Tokyo 2018 (world premiere)

Rikki Metsugi is from Shimane prefecture, Japan. Metsugi became involved in theatre when he began studying at Keio University and formed the “5 Jigen” theatre company with Daigo Matsui upon graduating. Not only as an actor, he has performed multiple times with various companies.

From 2011, Metsugi took a 3-year-break from “5 Jigen” to return to his hometown where he participated in agriculture work, repairing traditional houses, youth clubs, designing workshops and other diverse activities. In 2014, the opportunity to reform “5 Jigen” arose and Metsugi restarted his acting career.

Notable stage performances: “Inu no hi (Dog Days)”, “Tristan and Isolde”, Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center “A view over the gaps in the forest and the rain”, Tama Newtown x Theatre Project “Tama Tama”

Metsugi is engaged in a broad range of artistic activities including scenario writing (toRmansion “The Mermaid”) and directing (5 Jigen “That Awesome Sci-Fi Thing”).  


“It was an interesting project; I hadn’t yet seen an example of this approach to creating a performance piece from a Japanese literary work.  Through the combination of artforms such as music, drama and butoh, and the fusion of Western and Japanese traditional instruments, the project crossed a myriad of borders innovatively in a way which reflects the current times.”