Akari Mochizuki

“The Daughter“(mezzo-soprano/actress)

London 2019 (UK premiere)

“The only Japanese Blues ‘ENKA’ singer in UK”
Akari started singing Enka at the age of three. She studied drama in Cambridge and contemporary music in London. She started her career as a professional singer in 2009 as Alika Mochida.
She has performed as an enka and minyo (Japanese folk music) singer for numerous occasions, including WOMAD, Hyper Japan and Japan Matsuri, showcasing the traditional Japanese folk music with Tsugaru Shamisen virtuoso, Hibiki Ichikawa. www.akarisinger.com


“I learnt a lot from the other singers and actors at the show. The theme was dark, but I thoroughly enjoyed acting the nasty daughter. I felt sorry for her in a way but she is a twisted character and the ending of the story was scary. I loved working with the whole team of “THE鍵KEY” project and I am truly honoured to be part of this project. Thank you very much for choosing me.”