Keizo Saji Prize

The Tokyo 2019: Revised premiere of THE鍵KEY was awarded the prestigious “19th Keizo Saji Prize” for 2019 by the Suntory Foundation of the Arts.

The award is “bestowed on candidates selected from among those who gave predominantly music-based public performances held in Japan during the year, with winners chosen based on a willingness to challenge and on superior performances that engender a strong reaction”. 

Singers Takashi Matsudaira, Akane Kudo, Chieko Noda and dancer Shouzo Ayaka put in fine renditions of their individual roles, while the eight musicians playing a combination of Western and Japanese instruments add a fitting atmosphere. The Hirakushi residence provides a mysterious time and space through which bodies and echoes call out to each other, then fall away. The concepts of Francesca Le Lohé, who is responsible for both composition and direction, fit perfectly in the keyhole provided by “The Key.”

(Morihide Katayama, Keizo Saji Prize Committee Member)

More information on the prize and a detailed account of the judging panel’s comments can be found in the official press release

“Receiving such recognition is a testament to all the fantastic people involved; a massive thank you and congratulations to all the performers, creative and production team, and venue staff!”

Composer/director Francesca Le Lohé on receiving the prize