Akinori Fujimoto

Shimedaiko (The Daughter trio)

London 2019 (UK premiere)

Akinori is from Osaka, Japan. 

He moved to the UK as a teenager and trained as a kit drummer and has been working professionally for a wide range of bands, touring internationally.

His journey as a taiko drummer began in December 2006; recently, he has committed to taiko training and performance full-time.

He is currently studying under Yoichi Watanabe, a highly respected taiko master and the director of the Kanto Taiko Federation.

Akinori’s main project at present is Zashiki Warashi, Taiko & Flute duo (www.taikoandflute.com)


“Thoroughly enjoyed being part of this production. It was genuinely a fun experience. I just wish I could have experienced it as an audience to see how it feels to be moving around the house while all the trios are playing spontaneously.”