Atsumi Kojima

Sho (The Wife trio)

2017 R&D, 2018 Tokyo (world premiere), Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere)

Atsumi Kojima completed her undergraduate degree and a course in traditional Japanese music (specialising in Gagaku) at the Kunitachi College of Music. 

It was while she was studying at music college that she first came into contact with gagaku. To date, Kojima has studied the sho with Miyata Mayumi and Iwanami Shigeru and is an active member of The Japan Gagaku Society.  
Kojima’s activities are wide ranging and include regular performances with The Japan Gagaku Society and in gagaku classes, music sessions at social welfare facilities, “lobby concerts” and performing in the “On the melody of the sho and ryuteki” public reading event at Kanazawa Night Museum.


“I feel that it is a different piece for each audience member, and different each time it is performed, depending on the venue and the performers etc. Each performance was a once-in-a-lifetime, precious experience.”