Kohei Matsumoto

Shakuhachi (The Husband trio)

Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere)

Kohei Matsumoto studied shakuhachi with Ishikawa Toshimitsu and completed the NHK Performers of Japanese Music Training Program. He won first prize and The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize in the National Japanese Music Contest. Since 2011, Matsumoto has planned and led the “Traditional Music Now” concert series, focusing on the classic repertoire of the shakuhachi. Keeping traditional shakuhachi music at the centre of his work, Matsumoto has developed various activities free from genre boundaries and has participated in numerous recordings and broadcasts. Matsumoto pours his efforts into educating the next generation through running the “Matsumoto Shakuhachi Classroom”, teaching at Matsubara City’s Shakuhachi School and through successive part-time lectureship posts at the Tokyo Metropolitan University.


“It is not until the audience moves actively that the performance can be complete. It is impossible to fully comprehend and appreciate each and every room; there is a complete incompleteness. I was really happy to be part of such an original, unique experiment.”