Mikako Ogawa

Kotsuzumi/Shimedaiko (The Daughter trio)

2017 R&D, Tokyo 2018 (world premiere), Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere)

Born in Tokyo, Mikako Ogawa began learning hougaku-hayashi, a form of Japanese ensemble music, at age 13 from Sayuki Tanaka and Yoko Mochizuki. She attended The Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music at the Tokyo University of the Arts before entering the undergraduate program at the same university in 2007. She was awarded the Tsuneei prize during her studies. In 2017, Ogawa completed the doctoral program at Tokyo University of the Arts and gained her PhD in Music. She currently holds a part-time lectureship post at Ariake College of Education and the Arts and is an education research assistant at Tokyo University of the Arts in the Faculty of Japanese Music. 

Ogawa is a member of the Nagauta Association and the Japan Music Education Society.


“The interlocking human relationships which unfold are beyond imagination. Music, acting, choreography, lighting; everything was indirectly, yet consciously connected. I think only “THE鍵KEY” can provide this kind of experience.”