Shozo Ayaka

“Kimura“ (dancer)

Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere), London 2019 (UK premiere)

Shozo Ayaka studied acting at the Kyōrakuza Yokohama Boat Theatre. Since 2015, Ayaka has performed in a variety of independent projects, including ‘The Moon Over the Mountain’, based on the novel by Atsushi Nakajima, and ‘The Successful Man, Peter the Monkey’, a solo performance inspired by Franz Kafkas’s ‘A Report to an Academy’. In recent years, Ayaka has broadened his activities and performs as a butoh dancer with the Kanzawa Butoh Kan. He has studied Jiyutamai (classical Japanese dance) with Yuho Furusawa since 2004.


“It required a deep state of concentration to take the audience along with me as I walked through the house or to perform whilst surrounded by the audience. The memory of remaining devoted to the dance, even when marvelling at a new feeling sparked within me by hearing the singers voices from afar or the tone colours of each instrument, is deeply etched into my body.”