Yukiko Shiina

Double bass (The Husband trio)

2017 R&D, Tokyo 2018 (world premiere), Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere)

Yukiko Shiina is from the Katsushika area of Tokyo, Japan. She began learning the piano at age 4 and started the double bass when she was 18. Shiina studied bass with Kazuhiro Tada and Yoshio Nagashima, and basso continuo with Mizuhiro Tasaki. Her current engagements include orchestral, baroque ensemble, chamber music, opera, musical and choral performances in the central Tokyo area. Shiina is the head of planning, production and performance in composer Tomomi Adachi’s “nue, nuu, nui” concert project. Shiina also plays the role of Erika in the “Dr. Ukon” film series, featured in the “Unknown Alleys Film Festival” and is a member of the Senju Yachai University executive committee.


“I felt I extended my own musical voice in this fantastic project with its brilliant members and staff. It was a unique experience for all involved; the glimpses of movement caught and the sounds overheard stimulated the imagination of the audience and participants alike. There isn’t another theatre piece like it. There was a pleasant feeling of crossing over into a floating world against a backdrop of Japanese & Western instruments.”