Yuri Kubota

Cello (The Wife trio)

2017 R&D, Tokyo 2018 (world premiere), Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere)

Yuri Kubota is from Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. She started learning cello at age 6 and went on to attend The Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music at the Tokyo University of the Arts before completing her undergraduate at the same university. Kubota won the silver prize at The 13th Izuminomori Junior Cello Contest (high school student category). In 2018, she took part in the Sawakami Opera Foundation “Japan Opera Festival” in Bologna, Italy and played in performances of “Tosca” held at Nagoya Castle and Suntory Hall. 

Kubota has studied with Takahashi Dohi, Fumiaki Kono and Hiroyasu Yamamoto. She became a core member of the Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra in September 2019.


“It was really fascinating how there was no definite, fixed borderline drawn between audience and performer, but rather a brilliant sense of distance was created within the world of the performance.”