Kae Ishimoto

Photo by Aleksandr Sasha Drozd


Tokyo 2018 (world premiere), Tokyo 2019 (revised premiere), London 2019 (UK premiere)

Kae Ishimoto started her dance career in 2002, working with choreographer Akiko Kitamura, then became a member of a well-known Japanese contemporary dance company Co. Un Yamada. She began her Butoh dance career under Yukio Waguri and has worked with Natsu Nakajima, Yoshito Ohno, Moe Yamamoto and Minako Seki, among others and she has been invited to 21 countries in Asia, Europe and US. As the director of “Perspectives On Hijikata Research Collective (POHRC)”, she has organized intensive workshops and events in Japan and UK for 7 years, and has been invited as a Butoh teacher to 13 countries such as Hong Kong, Bali and Mexico.


“Experience”- this is the most important element in the choreography. Audiences were encouraged to “be” in the same space and peer in on what’s going on. Audiences can find amazing details that we cannot normally present on the regular sized stage but at the same time, they keep missing the flow of the choreography. It was a great opportunity to try experimental choreography, to focus on reality and sensitivity while referring to the butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata’s choreography method.”